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This year 2020,which is extremely tough for most of the people in the whole world,we’ve spent much more time at home than we ever thought,even wanna run away for 1 minute.No matter what kind of 2020 is,we don’t have choice do we,except for face it.

Life is tough for everybody,the difference is what kind of situation or barrier you are facing now,the crux point of solution is the way you look at the situation/barrier, so the hope is from yourself .

This time i wanna share you a very good song from Miyazaki Hayao’s Spirited Away by a chinese singer ,and a bright color dress i liked.

Thank you for your time and let’s bring our hope and fight together/がんばている!

chantal 2020.8.17

Clother 2

Acctually the first article didn’t explain the plan very clearly,the plan is simple,that any one can list your drawing here, and everyone from our audience of this blog can vote for it, while it reach an ideal numbers,then pattern it,and wear it,and the designer deseve the profit,all of these are basis on you.

Your drawing—— Your Vote——Pattern it——Wear it

Today i read an article from Laura,she shared many of her masterpieces of knitting,let me remember to post some of knitting clothes from my mother,whom is an tradition chinese woman,with not much education from school but an real artisan in my mind,here are some of them,while i saw them in first time i wish i could turn back to child.

Clother 1

Hi Friends,

This is my first time to write this long article in public to share my ideas,hope it will be not rude and meet new friends whom may have the same thought with me and dream to expand it together, ok what i want to is a cloth designer.  

I am chantal,a mother for a 3 years old son located in china. When i was still in my childhood,i’ve been dreaming to be a designer when grow up,cause most girls like beautiful clothes. My mum was very good at knitting i don’t understand i don’t have those DNAs at all. But after working for 10 years not related to either fashion or clothes, still have the sense/desire wanna do it,this is really a thing i like even though i am not good at drawing,sewing or recognize the fabric. This is a thing i will regret if i even not try it. This is the thing i knew there will be so many barriers and difficulties i still wanna to do it. Like the cartoon guru Mr.Hayao Miyazaki みやざき はやお says there reason i insist to is because i like it even at this age while he creates <The wind rises> .

Have you ever faced the situation or choice that you gave up for not qualified or you still not have that title. I do, and i did these many times so i missed so many good or not good opportunities,should i regret it or self-accusation,it’s up to you,but we all knew these can not change anything. Like Master Oogway from Kongfu Panda says Yesterday is history,Tomorrow is mystery and Today is present. What we can catch now is today and try no to make it to another regret yesterday. By how you know you are not qualified without trying, just from the title? Or you don’t have the time to do it,or do you still have your dream after struggling daily life for all these years.

You are not designer from many reasons not means you don’t have the thought for design, so release the designer inside you. Look, my plan is very simple and the pattern,which i am not the first person to reveal it to the world, but i believe with you joins in it will become a unique one.

I wanna start it from the one color long dress i liked,you may call it by longuette,gown… for many area people may prefer to causal clothes,as the long dress seems a little bit too formal or fancy not fit for all occasion. But this dress is really good for me,i don’t need time to match the tops,pants or shoes. See so simple so easy! The attached dress was made by polyester fibre by $60,very light and can wear in summer time.

Wow,thank you for your time to view my blah blah,and i have no idea how many views will have as first article in a new blog, i don’t know this is the thing you wanna to read,or i am not good at post it in social medias,but if there is any one of you have the same idea,i started the first step,let’s make it run together!